A message from the heart

Dec 21st, 2020 | by  Shweta Pardeshi


I bring you a short sweet story of a woman which is for all women, to empower and to remind all you women that you are very strong and should live life with all the heart, loving yourself!

She lived in a small town and her parents worked day and night for food and survival in this world. She was a pretty little child. She also was cute. She did all the household work and was average at studies. The adorable child being younger who had an older brother was often ignored. She was almost like an adopted child to the Brahmin neighbour family. She used to stay there for weeks at night. She did feel sad about being ignored. She was a Leo, she had a temperament. With all the tantrums she troubled everyone even her parents but was never rude. Just a soft-spoken, obedient child with a few dreams. Soon she turned 18, a marvelous beauty, fair skin, black long straight hair reaching the hips, pink lips and small Chinese eyes. She had a figure count of 0.00. Her parents decided to marry her off, she refused she stated she wanted to study, play and was not ready but she got married at age of 18 to a man who was 10-year older her. That was her first breakdown. She had the compassion to prove herself. She was forced with a baby soon and at age of 19, she gave birth to a half-dead girl child who was not so pretty because of the incidents at the time of delivery. She said her girl won’t die, she said that’s my daughter. She whispered something in the ears of her just-born child. The heaven was gracious on her though it was like a miracle. Somehow both sustained. After holding her child in her arms for the first time she said to the child, "you do remember my message, now don’t you?"

Her girl grew up with all love and care. She did make the child a fat one. The father was also okay with a girl child. Despite many differences, they both loved the girl child. She was not married in a rich household either. She worked day and night, got pregnant again, gave birth to a second girl child, very beautiful and fair. Had a beautiful family which she considered were her two daughters. Struggling against all the odds. Having disputes with her husband. Fighting for a better lifestyle her half-life passed away. She felt her life was all a waste as she was a naughty one, she had big dreams of Rome and Spain. She did get all her dreams crushed down. Sacrificing always. She did feel alone always. Parents won’t support her, neither her husband understood her feelings. No one was there to know, to ask her what she wants. She was still blessed with amazing brilliant daughters. Her older daughter, now all grew up she was a bright child asked her what do you want mom? 

Her mom then replied you know that my child when you were born and were on the brink of death, I made one promise to myself and I gave you my word, a message “HANG IN THERE MY KID! YOU ARE MY DREAM! YOU HAVE TO LIVE MY CHILD AND LIVE A LIFE THAT I COULD NOT. LIVE SO THAT I WILL BE PROUD, SO THAT I WILL BE ABLE TO FEEL GOOD ABOUT MYSELF! YOU LITTLE BRAT. YOU UGLY KID! FIGHT! I LOVE YOU.” The daughter cried in the arms of her mother. The younger daughter behind listened to the conversation and was all sentimental too. 


This was a small story as a reminder that women are amazing. A strength that a woman possesses is unparallel. Be proud to be a woman! And this is a message from my heart!



Shweta Pardeshi

Shweta Pardeshi

An artist. A dreamer.

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