Are Instagram Influencers Setting Unrealistic Beauty Goals?

Dec 13th, 2020 | by  Sweta Jaiswal


Social media has become both, a bane and a boon in the present age of digitalization. On one side, the immense benefits that the digital age has got to offer are extraordinary. It has opened us up to a different world altogether, created jobs one could never have imagined to exist around a decade ago, and connected people all over the world. However, on the other side, the stress to stay aware of what we see online has become a grim cycle that is decimating lives a snap-in turn.

With its deluge of fashion bloggers, beauty bloggers, vloggers, influencers and significantly much more. Social media has given the web an emanation of glitz and magnificence. Without any doubt, once you sign/log in to Instagram, you are overwhelmed by the appearances, extravagance and the extremely desirable way of life, that everybody brings to the table. However, have you at any point halted and wondered, is this genuine? Is this for real? What you see probably won't be the result of enchantment. It isn't authentic either.

The Instagram life is such that the ‘influencers’ whom you so heartedly adore and admire, go through hours attempting to accomplish the flawlessness you see. They embellish themselves with cosmetics, filters and edit the photos to a degree that they cannot see their own imperfections which they are well aware of. You ought not to get enlivened by them. Not the slightest bit of this is being suggested that they are tricking you. This is their work and they are doing everything they can, to give you the vibe you like.

Specifically, people have ended up combating identity issues because of the ridiculous standards set by what they see via social networking media. Many have been victims of serious mental health issues, personality issues and even body dysmorphia in an attempt to imitate the magnificent standards of beauty that are just out of reach. People fail to differentiate between fake and reality of what they see on Instagram and develop eating disorders like Bulimia Nervosa and Anorexia just to get that ‘perfect body shape’. How will we separate reality from the phony and how will we secure ourselves from the chaos of social media?

It has become a habit for most of us to reach out for our phones first thing in the morning. From the moment we wake up in the morning, we engulf ourselves in an alternate reality. Similarly, as the majority of us utilize online life to promote ourselves, a huge number of superstars, influencers, models and brands, additionally use it to promote themselves by making a picture of flawlessness. It's hard not to see a large number of perfectly sculpted bodies. A huge number of Instagram accounts promote such images of men and women.

Usually, their looks are a blend of gym, plastic medical procedure and a liberal amount of modification. Their main purpose is to look consummate and sell their products. This makes a ridiculous beauty standard for the entirety of their followers who accept that this particular product is their ‘free pass’ to an ideal body. In reality, an ideal body doesn't exist. A monstrous measure of planning, cosmetics and photograph altering went into the last Instagram picture he/she posted. It is intended to sell an item, not bolster a healthy way of life. This prompts low confidence and negative speculation about food. It is staggeringly critical to show young ladies and men that social media isn't a reality. Consistently, we see the '#bodygoals', which fills in as motivation to obtain a slim body. Generally, online life reveals to us that we should have a perfect body so as to be worthy and beautiful which couldn't possibly be more off-base. There is a positive relationship between the rise in online platforms and the rise in dietary issues among men and women. Youngsters frantically attempt to imitate the sorts of bodies they see and wind up more physical and mental harm to themselves.

Instagram and social media in general have set an unreasonable and baffling point of reference for the world of beauty. Try not to get entranced by it, since you can't see their genuine selves. You are the best just the way you are. Just be beautiful inside out and let no one tell you otherwise. Get motivated by the individuals who are around you. Don't leave yourself to be deceived by unreachable reality.



Sweta Jaiswal

Sweta Jaiswal


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