Are you really safe in this digital world?

Jan 20th, 2021 | by  Sweta Jaiswal


The digital world provides immense possibilities and opportunities to us today. Furthermore, since innovation and technology are one of those things that are consistently steadfast in propelling, it has developed to be better every passing day. From a Google search for any information to organizations, transferring any data, the Internet has become a necessary piece of our lives. The online stage can be profoundly appealing; however, like each coin has two sides so does the Internet. Recently, hacking outrages and digital dangers have by and large underscored on advanced digital security. From Facebook breaches to WhatsApp data leaks to Instagram accounts of big-shot celebrities being hacked, every other day some or the other cyber attack is in news.

The data you save on cloud/digital world which includes your photos, videos, documents etc are all valuable assets in the digital space and you and only you have the right to such data. Any kind of infringement of your data held on the virtual space can pose a serious threat to your identity and make you vulnerable to more attacks. Imagine your private conversations being read or your data being accessed by some random cybercriminal and kind of data he can have access to in such event. He can threaten you, ask you for ransom, bully you, stalk you, upload your intimate pictures on pornography sites, create fake accounts using your personal details, harass you online, gain access to your bank account details etc. This and a lot more come under cyber crimes mentioned in the IT Act of any country.

So the big question now is how do we tackle the advancements in the digital space and safeguard ourselves? What steps does one have to take against the expected risks of the digital world? How about we see some straightforward advances you can take to guarantee that the data or information you have isn't being misused and is sheltered and secure with you. Actually, netizens are the most grounded line of barrier that can adopt an imperative and proactive strategy to teach themselves on the ramifications of hacks. There are fundamental and exceptionally basic strides to take it further to guarantee the cybersecurity of your data. Have a look at it below.

Do not use the same passwords everywhere

Normally, individuals do use similar passwords for all their online accounts. You should be aware that online security has gotten better as sites request a regular update in your passwords. In the present advanced world, people tend to overshare their private data. Each time an individual provides his/her location data on any online platform, or shares about their life, someone at someplace is hiring programmers to keep a track of your online activities with clues to what the passwords could be. Strong and complicated passwords are significant in light of the fact that distinctive secret key contains various numbers and characters which make it difficult to guess.

Protect the operating system

Security pop-up boxes that download the updates without consent are truly irritating every now and then, yet think about that as a security breach in your PC. Downloading antivirus programs and firewalls from uncertain sites are not secure for your PC. Despite the fact that innovation and programmers are advancing, various individuals are not fully informed regarding their frameworks. Ensure that your computer or mobile phones are updated with the latest software which has security patches and encrypts confidential data on the PC/phone safely. There is a basic requirement of security which incorporates utilizing one's biometrics or exceptional attributes or social qualities to prove that the user identity is shielded.

Multifactor backup authentication

Make a back-up of your information and store it with a predefined password. Ensure that you additionally have various approaches to sign in to your accounts if one of the ways doesn't work. It might include your secondary email id to change the secret phrase or an emergency/trusted contact through which you can gain access to your data.

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Innovation is developing but with regards to the present digital world, you can't guarantee any antivirus or digital security framework. Be cyber smart and safeguard your data effectively!



Sweta Jaiswal

Sweta Jaiswal


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