Boarding School vs Day School - Which is better?

Dec 9th, 2020 | by  Sweta Jaiswal

The school is an institution where a child is exposed to formal education for the very first time. It is a place where a parent expects his/her child to be nurtured, encouraged, motivated and facilitated with all kinds of creativity, interests and true education. Therefore, to choose a proper school for their kids which meets all their requirements is one of the main concerns for parents. The decision taken as a parent to send their child to a boarding school or to keep them at home for day schooling might differ and depend on various factors and needs. However, examining the realities of both the systems of education, does provide an opportunity to take the correct decision. So, a few points are discussed below about both the systems that could be advantageous to a few while not to others, depending on one’s perception.

Boarding School Education

Staying away from the protective environment of the family at home, boarding school instils a sense of self-reliance, independence and confidence in a child who could be difficult to find in a child who attends day school. Also, having said that, if the home base is not emotionally strong, a boarding school student may get disconnected from his/her family and this could adversely affect later in life to cope with family. 

The focus in most boarding schools extends beyond academic excellence. The emphasis is more on holistic development. With a plethora of options for extra-curricular activities such as sports, dramatics, etc. students are presented with a better prospect of sharpening their personalities and skills than at day school.

Children are made to follow a schedule according to which they wake up, study, eat and sleep. There are rules both within the school and in the hostels that each child follows diligently. It all comes together to groom them into more responsible and dependable individuals in future. It helps in developing a sense of punctuality and discipline in a child.

It is a myth that if a child is behaving badly at home, a boarding school will ‘fix’ the problem. Boarding schools should not be perceived as a facility for correcting the behaviour of children. In fact, it can often be found to exacerbate the issue if a child has behavioural problems.

Boarding schools bring about a sense of bonding that can become lifelong qualities in a student. They tend to attract people from various parts of the country, at times even abroad and therefore present an incredible opportunity for inter-community interaction and living which is generally a lot stronger than those seen in day schools.

Day School Education

The biggest and most obvious advantage of a day school education is that parents have their ward at home with them, which is definitely a great feeling for both- the parent and the child. However, this same fact can also lead to over-indulgence on the part of the parent into not just school-related matters of the child but also in their general day to day life. The mix of academic-focus at school and living at home creates a favourable environment for students that might not be possible at boarding school.

The quality of a day school can differ wildly so parents who consider keeping their kids at home must research the schools thoroughly. While most boarding schools employ similar philosophies of education, this discrepancy is a lot more when it comes to day schools. Hence, one must be mindful of it.


A parent needs to make a decision between the two systems, chiefly based on their child’s inclinations, preferences, personality, interests and leanings. By and large, kids who are keener on extra-curricular activities than academics and have an innate sense of confidence will do wonders at boarding school. Those who are more academic-focused will perhaps be better served by a day-school education. At the end of the day; however, it is a child’s nature and disposition that should govern a parent’s final call.



Sweta Jaiswal

Sweta Jaiswal


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