Feminism - How fake feminists mould it their way.

Dec 21st, 2020 | by  Sarah Shakeel

The beginning of a new decade has led us to the new era of gender equality. The past decade has witnessed the empowerment of women in various fields from 'achieving certain awards' to 'being able to step in space' or 'being able to run a whole nation'. Women have achieved milestones by breaking the stereotypes and stepping into the world by making their own identity. 

One important discussion on women empowerment comes up with "feminism". People generally think that feminism is making women rights superior to that of men, but this is a misconception led by society. Feminism actually means that both men and women have equal rights or we can say that each gender shall be treated equally.


The question arises, who are feminists? A person giving equality to a woman or a person moulding feminism in his own way? Many instances have come up where "fake feminism" or "fake feminists" have been highlighted. For example, the Bois locker room issue, when girls raised their voice against the conversations held between a group of boys regarding their sexual appearances. The issues like safety of girls came up when all this was exposed by a girl on social media. On the other hand, they came up with a similar girl's locker room, where girls did the same type of conversations for both girls and boys. One thing which was not noticed is that the boy’s locker room was highlighted more than that of girls. This proved a perfect example, where girls misused their feminist thoughts and actions. Girls, mistreating fellow girls and the opposite gender, and then wanting to have equality within the society is said to be as fake feminism. 

Women uplifting fellow women and men is the true essence of feminism. What doesn't seem right is the mishandling of the rights given to women. Various organizations have been set up and campaigns are started to equally give women their rights. But often these rights are mishandled. Women, in the name of feminism, sometimes cross their limits and go beyond equality by supporting and implying the patriarchal practices that degrade the honour of fellow women. 

True feminism is said to reject the stereotypes and raise voice against the practices that lead to misbalancing the equality of women.  


Having full freedom to wear anything or partying all night, are some of the instances when girls think that they are on the path of feminism and equality. But is that so? Women given equal opportunities in terms of growth and upliftment and them utilizing it with their hard work and potential should be considered as feminism. Also supporting every aspect of society, whether she wants to wear a skirt or a salwar, should be respected and given equality. Each woman deserves an equal share in proving herself to the world. Hypocrisy has no place in acting on feminism. A girl or a boy both can be feminists if they support the upliftment of the opposite gender. 

Women can imply feminist behaviour in any manner, like uplifting the moral, emotional and social ethics of fellow women. Sometimes this becomes a matter of concern when women mistreat other women which results in their emotional instability. 

Coming up in public and acting upon the issues of gender equality is what a true feminist does. It rejects any type of statement or action which is done against the honour of women. 

Fake feminists are hypocrites who mould feminism for their own well being. If you support the equality of each gender then you are a Feminist. If you act upon in this direction then you are a feminist. So think, are we living among people who want equality for each gender or are we moulding the equality issue for our own well being? The society needs to think upon it and preach "true feminists" rather than labelling anyone who wants equality for their own benefit to be a feminist.



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