How to smartly ace your exam preparation?

Jan 1st, 2021 | by  Sweta Jaiswal


Are your exams knocking on the door? Are you tensed about how to crack them in the little time you have got? Don’t worry. We have got you covered. Here are a few tips you must take care of while preparing for your exams and ace them smartly. 

1. The initial step is to know and see all the exam-related necessities. You should check the complete schedule of the test. Next, you should make a note of the weightage of different subjects and topics, so that you can design your study plan likewise. After that, you ought to comprehend the exam pattern. Looking over a couple of previous year question papers will assist you in getting familiarized with the format of the exam. You will get an estimate of the sort of questions and patterns followed in the exam.

2. Further, you must plan how to prepare. The first thing in your arrangement has to be 'appropriate time management skills'. A time table makes you more trained and centered. Allotting time to your work is very basic to assist you with staying on target of the right groundwork for one of the most significant exams of your life. Given beneath are some significant points to consider while making a viable schedule:

  • Set reasonable objectives that you can accomplish in each session.
  • Schedule the majority of your time for those parts of the day which you find to be more beneficial. For instance, a few students learn better during early mornings while others concentrate all the more adequately during late-night hours. 
  • Allocate more opportunity to the troublesome or complex subjects. 
  • Do take brief breaks in the middle.
  • Following the plan is more significant than merely making it. Dawdling errands will result in more pending chapters which would be hard to cover during the last days before the examination.

3. Students keep various books on each subject. However, while preparing a topic they get befuddled shuffling between the books. As a matter of fact, various books would clarify a topic differently. In any case, the concept explained in each book will be more or less the same. Along these lines, students must focus on those books which accentuate on clarifying the essential ideas and basics. Having a stock of good reading material can make your prep simple and successful, sparing your time from shuffling between different books.

4. One of the essentials for the preparation of any test is to totally take out dread and worry as this would reduce your learning power, lessening your focus. By using some sound methods like yoga or meditation, you would have the option to set up yourself for each challenge. Attempt to change all the dread and pressure into energy and positive reasoning. Disposing of apprehension and stress will let you concentrate on your exam.

5. Reserve the last few days to revise your study notes and clear any doubts you may have. Try not to begin anything new because studying a new chapter in the last couple of days will have two results, first- you would not get enough time to understand new concepts and second- you would lose time to revise the topics you have learnt already. Do not trouble yourself with any extra pressure.


Hope the above-discussed tips help you prepare better. Remember that cracking any exam would be simple and easy on the off chance that you study hard as well as smart. All the best!



Sweta Jaiswal

Sweta Jaiswal


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