How to teach kids at home during a pandemic?

Jan 20th, 2021 | by  Simran Panjwani


The Coronavirus pandemic has led to the transition from the traditional learning method to online learning. This has caused new problems for the teachers and students as they have to switch the basic teaching of the classroom to a new wave of online teaching comprising confusion and anxiety.

However, this pandemic has also helped students to adapt to the new changes and transform their traditional learning into practical learning. For example, more and more students have realized the importance of self-learning and have incorporated it into their lifestyle. 

And as we know: "Everything happens for a reason"

Benefits of Online Learning

1. You can learn with comfort.

In online learning, you are not bound to sit in that uncomfortable chair for hours and suffer from back pain. Also, you don’t need to travel through public transport to reach your school or college.
You can comfortably sit in your home and focus on learning.

2. It saves time.

In the case of traditional learning, you need to get up in the morning, get ready for your school or college and then travel to your campus leading to wastage of time. However, online learning has helped to resolve these problems and you can learn from home.

3. It helps to teach students essential life skills

Online learning has helped to incorporate various skills in students such as time management, organization of work and self-learning.

Thus, for your convenience, we have brought certain tips that can help you teach kids at home during a pandemic.

Tips for teaching kids at home

● Prepare a schedule

You need to prepare a schedule in which you can list all the tasks to be done. However, don't forget to include fun activities and some time for your kid's hobbies. A proper schedule includes not only study time but also other activities. Your child needs some enjoyment too. Just like studying is important, other activities are equally important. You need a proper schedule to focus on each task equally.

● Select a goal.

Make your kids set a goal that they can achieve at the end of the year. It can be anything that they wanted to do but did not have the time to. This can help to make them independent and responsible.

● Set up a proper study place.

Setting up a proper study place can help to increase the concentration of your kid and makes learning more efficient. You can also keep an eye on your little one and help them if they get stuck anywhere. You can make them study at a particular place.

● You can have some break too.

Don't push yourself or your kid too much. It is okay to have some breaks in between. If the lessons are way too long, it can become boring. Your kid might not find them interesting. Remember that forced learning can never be efficient. It is fine to have some breaks in between. And if someday you or your kid is not in the mood for studying, you can take a day off.

● Remember that you don't need to have a school-like environment.

You need to remember that you don't need to recreate school at home. You can take it easy and it is okay.

● You can take help of various platforms.

To make the learning process more efficient and productive you can take help from different platforms. For example, instead of just teaching verbally you can make your kid watch a YouTube video. This will provide them with a better understanding of the topic. 

Also, it can make learning more interesting and raise curiosity in kids. This will further motivate the kids to study.

● Make some time for real-life lessons.

You can teach your kids along with giving them real-life lessons. For example, you can teach them about money and budgeting. You can start by using a piggy bank.

● Have open conversations.

Communicate with your children and let them ask questions. You can also share your experiences and ask them how they feel about you.

● Engage in Puzzles.

Make your kids solve puzzles on their own. This will not only give them a break from the regular teaching lessons but will also promote critical thinking. This will help them explore on their own and enhance application-based learning. Also, it can incorporate the habit of self-independence in them.

● ● ●

The coronavirus outbreak has compelled the states and countries to close their borders and implement a strict lockdown. All the educational institutions including schools and colleges are closed. This has led to a new era of online learning or more precisely, pandemic learning. However, if we make the best use of this time we can surely get excellent exceptional results.



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