I would recall this day some other day

Dec 23rd, 2020 | by  Bipasha Deori

They say it’s always a new day the next morning. But the wine stains of the last night remain and might remain forever. What do we do then? Ira says we learn to live with the stains and maybe cover them with a scarf as if it were a new fashion trend. Ira, in her mid-twenties, feels like already in her fifties carrying the burden of two failed marriages, one of her parents and another of her own. She could still run away from the first but the other one would come to her and never leave. 

Women today say how they want to break through the shackles of patriarchy and Ira can be considered one of the forerunners along these lines. She would spend all her day talking to women about strong women influencing them, inspiring them to do something huge in their lives but when she comes back to her 1BHK space, she sits in her balcony under the open sky because that’s the only space of liberation for her. She was trapped in the already broken chain of marriage. Ira would recall days with her once beloved and how she thought her life was perfect. She wouldn’t even deny her perfect present, but Ira lives on expectations and starves for their fulfilment.

Ira would always recall this one day when she decided to walk on the diverging road. Walif was not someone Ira would call liberal but she believed in doing things for love. She was not allowed to preach her feminist ideals and even read books having a potential threat to the patriarchy in her house. 

Walif would say, "books like these make you a bad wife, a bad daughter and a bad woman in the society." 

Ira was reminded of John, from Charlotte Perkin Gilman's "The Yellow Wallpaper", the restrictive husband to his imaginative wife. However, she realised doing things for love never really sustains a marriage. Ira tried hard, with all her energy to stay but she wanted to recall her day of liberation some other day so that she can keep moving on.

At the end of every new day, Ira would have a different story. Some stories with stains from last night and some yet very fresh. She's still starving for the fulfilment of her expectations so that she can fight this one day and recall it some other day. 



Bipasha Deori

Bipasha Deori

Literature Student.

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