Roles and Responsibilities of Marketing

Jan 20th, 2021 | by  Debjani Das


Marketing is an essential tool for various business organisations and startups. It functions as a medium between the organisation and the people. It promotes and boosts the sales of the products and services that an organisation provides. It also includes thorough market research, understanding of the demands of the market as well as reaching the target audiences which is done through advertisements. 

In today's competitive world, the companies which are successful give importance to the demands and needs of society. They invest a lot of money, time and energy into marketing. Aspects like individual's needs, purchasing ways, resources, locations, rate of consumption of products and services in that location and more, are to be kept in mind while marketing to meet the unique requirements of the people.

Roles of Marketing

The marketing department has a very unique role in successfully identifying and delivering products in the market. When there is a new trend in the market, the marketing department makes sure they assess the new trends. The marketing executive implements the trend into a new product to increase its popularity. The risk which is to be taken will depend on several factors like whether it will be a success or not or if the consumers will like the product or not and much more. So taking such risks is an important role in the context of marketing. 

Another crucial role will be selecting the right consumer base. This will help the successful sales of the products.

For example, let's suppose a company is providing Spoken English classes to students who have passed their high schools and young graduates, so their target audience will be the students of age group 17-23 years old. They won't be marketing or advertising about the service among the people above or below that age group. 

Since the target audience is identified, the next step is to reach out to them that is where to advertise. Promotion of such services can only take place in schools and colleges or on social media groups where students are highly active. But there will also be students who don't need the Spoken English service, so to be more specific the marketing and the advertisement of the service has to be done in areas where there is a need to learn English that is in vernacular medium schools, government schools and colleges and universities.

The above example shows that a product or a service will only sell when it has the right target audience. The selling of it will depend upon the quality of the product or services a company provides. It also depends on whether the customer is actually satisfied with it not. The audience is satisfied when they find the right product at the right time. So keeping in mind the satisfaction of the people is another major role of the marketing department.

Responsibilities of Marketing

Marketing should be able to influence the production activity of the company or organisation by attracting more and more people towards their products and services. It must increase the standard quality of the products so that the consumer's needs are fulfilled.

The brand's product should be first promoted by organising and launching suitable campaigns, exhibitions, seminars and events.

A major responsibility of the marketing department is to work on strategies in the successful selling of the brand or product. Innovative and creative strategies can attract customers. Few examples are giving special offers, "buy 1 get 1 free" offers, giving a demo session on the use of the product or service, asking for customer feedback and much more. 

Communicating with people outside the company and getting to know about their requirements can provide an idea of a new product and its sale. Performing research on various markets and spreading the social media network will help in a better understanding of their needs. Keeping a track of what trend is going on in the world will be a profitable strategy for the company. 

These are some of the major responsibilities of Marketing as a whole.

A business organisation or a company has its own marketing strategies which differ from others. An important Marketing tool which is the Internet is common among all the working organisations. It plays an important role in marketing. Through the internet, we get to know about different products and services.

In the end, what matters is that the client, the customer or the audience is satisfied.



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