Say no to Child Labour.

Dec 12th, 2020Β | by Β Kareena


I may look hideous,
But don't have clothes to wear.
There is no one to cherish me,
Still perceiving my own paradise.
Feels like suffering from dementia,
As I don't remember from how long
I am starving
I look listlessly
But everyone just passes away,
Sometimes feels like a celebrity,
When you stare with affinity.
My mind is craving for knowledge.
Eyes are filled with expectations,
To see my dreams coming true.
Just be little sweet to us,
We are just like your CHILDREN β˜ΊοΈπŸ€—

A lot of children are suffering as they don't have food to eat, they don't have money to buy food and their daily stuff. They work a lot without complaining. They listen to other people just because they are dependent on them. 

No guys, we all are dependent on each other. 

From farmers to the consumers, from government to citizens - we all are inter-dependent. So why do we treat them badly? Why does discrimination exist between us? 

Untouchability is abuse still we all don't care about others.
Rich are becoming richer and poor have to beg for two meals a day.
According to Fundamental Rights, children between the age group 6 to 14 should be given proper education opportunity. There are government-run schools for children who cannot afford to pay the fees. According to Fundamental Duties, every parent or guardian should ensure that their child is given opportunities for education at least up to 14 years.

Be a little polite to them, they are like your children. Getting education is the right of every individual.

Say NO to child labour.





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