Self-care - Key to a healthy and optimistic life

Jan 31st, 2021 | by  Simran Panjwani

As we grow older it becomes difficult to take care of ourselves with increasing responsibilities. You need to take care of your family and work at the same time.

In the busy routine, we forget to care for ourselves. However, it is very important to keep ourselves mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy. It will reduce the risk of depression and keep you active.


What is self-care?

Self-care is a term that refers to taking care of your emotional, physical, and mental well-being. Although it may sound quite simple, practising self-care is not that easy. It starts with small things like not checking your messages at night since it can affect your health.

" Self-care helps to give the world the best of you instead of what's left of you. "

Importance of self-care

Self-care is very important for living a happy and healthy life. It encourages you to stay optimistic and transmit positivity to others. However, self-care doesn't mean being selfish. It enables you to take care of your needs without ignoring the needs of your loved ones. When you are stressed out, you can not take care of your family. You transmit the same vibes to others. Thus, it is very important for you to stay happy.

Sometimes self-care can also prevent anxiety and depression. It keeps you motivated and inspired. Self-care gives you a better insight into yourself.

Signs of depression

Given below are some of the signs of depression that will give you a better idea about yourself.

If you feel:

  • Anxiety or tension
  • Cannot focus on a particular thing
  • Tired
  • Sad or miserable
  • Irritated
  • Too sleepy or you take too little sleep
  • Isolated and lonely
  • Uninterested in your surroundings
  • Boring or tasteless
  • Cannot remember important things
  • Sick or weak

These are signs that you might have depression or might end up in depression. In such cases, it is best to consult a doctor and incorporate certain lifestyle changes.

Tips for self-care

Given below are some of the self-care tips that you must practice.

1. Pay attention to your physical health.

When you are physically unwell, it is quite difficult to focus on any task. Thus, physical health is very crucial and needs your attention.

According to scientific research, regular exercise can enhance the production of serotonin which is effective against anxiety and keeps you optimistic.

2. Get enough sleep.

Taking too little sleep has adverse effects on health. In today's world, people are busy in their lives and neglect sleep. Being sleep deprived not only affects your mental wellbeing but also has negative effects on your physical health. An adult requires at least 6 to 8 hours of proper sleep. You can also take naps for giving your body some rest and refreshment.

3. Have a healthy diet.

Having a healthy diet is an important part of self-care. For your body to function properly, it needs sufficient nutrients. Having a healthy diet can play an important role in providing you with good physical health. Regular consumption of certain superfoods can help you stay healthy and fit.

4. Practice medication and relaxing exercises.

Meditation and relaxing exercises can prevent anxiety or stress. They keep your mind at peace and stay optimistic throughout the day.

5. Avoid alcohol and drugs.

According to scientific research, drugs and alcohol can act as a catalyst for stress. Thus, reducing their use can help in better stress management.

6. Keep yourself socially connected.

Always stay in touch with your family and friends. Share your problems, thoughts, and feelings with them. Staying connected with others will help you to overcome your problems easily.

7. Spend some time by yourself.

In this busy life, it is important to have some time for yourself. No matter how busy you are, you need to spend some time with yourself. This is a significant part of self-care. In this free time, you can do anything that you like. Whether it is painting or listening to music or preparing a list of all the events that happened in the day; just follow your heart. This will make your concentration better and you will feel refreshed.

Wrap up

It is very important to live your life in the best way possible. In this busy work life, you need time for yourself as well. A healthy life is a beautiful life.



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