The myth of God Particle : The theory of Big Bang and Higgs field

Dec 27th, 2020 | by  Shweta Pardeshi


Is the "God Particle" theory a myth?

Let us take a look at the background and see what an interesting world we live in.

What is "Big Bang"?

Have you ever asked yourself how was this universe created? The answer to this is given in the "Big Bang" theory.

The theory can be explained in a single line. 

It's an idea that the universe began as a single particle with infinite density and intense heat

In 1927, Georges Lemaître suggested that the universe began from a single point that keeps on expanding which has no end and no boundaries. This theory was later proved by American astronomer Edwin Hubble. He noticed that other galaxies were moving away from ours. The galaxies which are the farthest move away faster. Hence, the universe is still expanding. 

The universe took 13.8 billion years to expand which is also considered as the age of the universe

How was it created and where did it come from, it is still unknown to us. As we dig deeper, all our physics laws start to fail. Some experts say that the big bang was started by the “God Particle”. 

It is how the myths are!

What is Higgs Boson? Is it the God Particle?

Higgs Boson is an amazing discovery by British physicist Peter Higgs. We all know that there are different fields of energy that exist in the universe like gravitational, magnetic, and many more. He suggested that another field that exists everywhere is Higgs Field.

What is the Higgs Field?

In particle physics, quarks, electrons, and everything else has a mass. Where does this mass come from? The Higgs Field that exists everywhere around us provides mass to every particle. This Higgs Field is important for the matter to exist, as when it interacts with the particles, they gain mass. Simply putting, if there is mass, there is the existence of Higgs Field.

Now, you may ask what about Photon - a massless particle? It is an exception. It does exist in the Higgs field of energy but stays unaffected. Everything does come with an exception. Many more discoveries are yet to be made; it is like we have just have scratched the surface of particle physics. 

The Higgs Boson was discovered by The Hadron Collider experiment. It is not the God Particle. The Higgs boson is proof that the Higgs Field exists. Wikipedia describes Higgs Boson as 

an elementary particle in the Standard Model of particle physics, produced by the quantum excitation of the Higgs field, one of the fields in particle physics theory. 

The Myth of the God Particle is just because a similar theory like the 'Big Bang' and 'Higgs boson' was published by American Physicist Leon Lederman and the publisher of the book found the name "God particle" to be fancy.  

The physicist Leon Lederman wanted to name the book “The God damn particle”.



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