Top-5 Digital Trends that will shape the education In 2021

Dec 27th, 2020 | by  Simran Panjwani


With technology enhancing day by day, there is hardly any sector that is unaffected by changes in technology. Technology is going to play a significant role in most of the sectors like education, healthcare, or production. Educational institutions are required to modify their curriculum and adopt the increasing technological changes to teach students.

These technological changes in the education sector can be quite beneficial as they help to make teaching more dynamic and understandable. It can help in improving the perception of the topic and increases curiosity and critical thinking in students. The curriculum becomes more application-based and connects to the practical world.

Given below are some of the digital trends that might affect education in 2021.

1. Learning through videos

According to reports, more than 2.3 billion people are active on YouTube. Also, in the year 2021, it is expected that there will be an increase in internet traffic from videos. 

Watching videos has become a common trend among youths. It will provide you with a better understanding of the topic and will expose you to different aspects. 

Some of the topics are quite difficult to understand verbally. In such cases watching online videos can be a very good alternative. Teachers can also use these educational videos to improve the quality of teaching and to provide a better insight into the topic. 

Also, in case you have missed a class or a particular topic, you can simply Google it and watch a video on the topic. Many teachers are also providing live classes and recorded videos on different topics to help students with their learning. 

2. Online Assessments

Usually, exams are performed using pen and paper with the physical presence of the students. This process is a bit time consuming and complex. With this fast-changing world, we require a method that can make the examination process less time consuming and more precise.

Online exams are not only helping educational institutes to speed up the process but are also simplifying the overall assessment process. Institutes can use AI-driven (Artificial Intelligence) assignments to analyze the performance of students. 

New security techniques are also being adopted to provide students with complete security during the examination. Also, there are various software packages (like remote proctoring) available that can help institutions to prevent cheating during online examinations.

3. Self–Learning

This has become a new form of learning and has replaced the traditional classroom learning method. In the case of self-learning, students can learn at their own pace. 

Self-learning enables students to take as much time as they want to, to understand a particular topic. They can also switch to various options such as watching YouTube videos, discussing with parents or colleagues and reading on Google. 

This method of learning ensures a full understanding of the topic along with promoting critical thinking in students. 

It helps to raise a curiosity in students and what better than an urge to study. This form of learning also helps to teach kids various skills such as time management, organization and supervision. It provides students with a better insight into themselves and helps them to know their weaknesses and strengths.

4. Internet of Things or IoT

IoT (or Internet of Things) can help to control and manage various processes and systems in educational institutes. It can help with digital attendance using biometrics or tracking the location of the school bus. It can also be useful in managing electricity in the institutes as it can detect the presence and absence of a human in a place and can switch on/off lights accordingly. Thus, helping in the long term savings.

Also, the devices that are used in the Internet of things have become quite affordable and can provide long term benefits.

5. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality can be the future of learning. It makes learning more thrilling and promotes interest in students. It also provides students with a better insight into the topic and helps them to explore each and every aspect. 

What is better than learning a biology diagram in a 3-D form?

More and more efforts are made to make VR technology affordable. Many of the games are being developed with the main focus on education to help students with their learning.


Since the world is changing day by day, it has become a necessity to adapt to these new changes. Nowadays, there is hardly any sector which is working without these technological techniques. Ranging from the healthcare sector to the agricultural sector, technology has become an important key to every sector.

These technological methods not only help in making the system more efficient but also helps in saving long term costs. These techniques have become a significant part of the education system and more and more schools and universities have started adopting them in their institutions. These techniques help in making the learning process more productive and exciting.



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